HERO for School Communications

HERO (by LincED) is used by our school as our student management system (SMS).

All families will need to set up a login so you can access the benefits of this SMS.

HERO (by LincED) is a secure online student management system that allows Clearview Primary to record enrolment /student information, communicate with caregivers and share/track learning.

As you are a first time user, follow the instructions below to get connected:

Select your preferred way to connect to HERO


Select “New User”

Your account will be activated by us during the enrolment process using the email address that you provided when you enrolled your children, use this address to request a password.

Add your email address

Select the “Request Password Link”

Check your email.

HERO will send you an email with a link to follow. Follow the link.

This will take you to a secure page to enter your chosen password.

If you have problems logging in, please email with the office admin@clearview.school.nz to make sure that we have your correct email. You need to be using the same email address that we currently have on our school records.


Setting Up Notifications

Each platform is different, but here is some information to assist you in receiving.

Please check out the ideas below to help you out if you are not receiving notifications from Hero.

A - How to set up notifications in HERO - Apple Devices


B - Notifications options in the HERO app

Click on your profile image (top right corner)


Scroll down to My Devices and select your preference from the following options:

  • Default - you will receive in-app notifications on any device logged into Hero with the mobile app. A list of these devices are shown below these options. If you have no listed devices you will receive email notifications.
  • Email - you will receive email notifications from Hero
  • None - you will not be sent any notifications from Hero but you can log in at any time to view updates from “The Bell”. See Accessing Unread Notifications via "The Bell"



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