School Uniform

Our Uniform is supplied by New Zealand Uniforms and available to purchase from:

NZU Christchurch Shop
455 Blenheim Road

Phone 03 595 5766

Hours Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00pm
Saturday - 9.00 - 4.00pm

Or online at:

Start saving for your child's school uniform - join the Uniform Club. More information is on the NZ Uniforms link above.

Uniform Pricelist - effective from 2023.

PLEASE ensure that all of your child’s uniforms and items (lunchbox/drink bottle etc) are NAMED.

Uniform Requirements

Summer - Plain black socks, plain black shoes or black sandals
Winter - Plain black socks, plain black shoes

Summer - Plain black socks, plain black shoes or black sandals
Winter - Plain black socks or black tights, plain black shoes

Please note:
Clearview Sports Tops are compulsory for Yrs 5-8.
Sunhats can also be purchased from the school office.
Clearview Beanie only

School Uniform Guidelines

We are proud of our school and its reputation and see wearing the uniform to a high standard shows our value of Manaakitanga (showing respect, responsibility and care). There is an expectation that all students will wear the uniform correctly and represent our school appropriately.

PLEASE ensure that all of your child’s uniforms and items (lunchbox/drink bottle etc) are NAMED.

  1. Regulation uniforms must be worn in a clean and tidy condition at all times.
    • Clearview soft-shell jacket or polar fleece
    • Clearview polo shirt
    • Clearview skort/shorts/trousers
    • Black socks/shoes
    • Clearview bucket hat Terms 1 and 4
    • Grey or black undergarment in cooler weather
    • Plain black jacket for winter/cooler weather
  2. Hair is to be worn in a practical style appropriate for school.  Long hair neatly tied back.
  3. Taonga such as greenstone and bone carvings will be permitted on written request to the principal.  This also includes pendants of religious significance. Ear studs and watches are also permitted.
  4. If other jewellery, students will be asked to remove it and put it in their bag.
  5. Make-up including nail polish is not permitted.
  6. In Terms 1 and 4, students wear a regulation bucket hat when outside.
  7. Year 5-8 students require a Clearview sports top for their PE lessons and any other sporting events. See additional note below.
  8. All belongings must be clearly named.  Lost property is currently stored in the office foyer.
  9. Temporary exemptions from uniforms require a letter or email to the teacher.

Summer Sun Safety
All students are required to be sun-safe, and we encourage applying sunscreen to your child(ren)s face, arms and legs prior to sending them to school.

Year 5-8 Sports Uniform
On PE days, students wear their sports top and can choose shorts/pants that are comfortable for them - as long as they are black.
A combination of PE tops and grey shorts/skorts or green polo and black bottoms is not acceptable.

On days students do not have PE, it is expected they adhere to our usual Clearview uniform.

Second Hand Uniforms

Our PCG also has a stock of second hand uniforms which are available to purchase.  They hold a sale once a term and they are also available in between these sales if needed.  Click HERE to see the dates.

Please contact them on:

Second Hand Uniform Sales

Dates will be advertised in the school newsletter, available from the school office and also listed on the PCG page and school calendar.

If you have uniform that you would like to be included in the uniform sale, it must be taken to the school office by the Wednesday prior to the sale date.

All uniform to be sold must be clean.

This Second Hand Uniform Form must be completed and attached with a safety pin to each piece of uniform you are selling.

Should you be unable to print the form, copies are available from the office.

We require your bank account so we can pay you once the uniform sells.

20% of the sale price will be donated to the Clearview Parent Community Group.

If your items are not sold within twelve months, they will be discounted by 50%.  If they are not sold after two years they will be donated to the school or to charity.

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