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Clearview School Office

Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am - 3:15pm

20 Broadlands Drive
Rolleston 7614

Phone  03 347 7025
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If you would like to pay your school account by direct credit, the school account is 12-3147-0367927-00.  Otherwise, fees can be paid at the school office by EFT-POS or credit card.  We are no longer accepting cash or cheques.



Clearview Ways of Communicating

We have several ways of communicating here at Clearview. Each way is an integral part of keeping our school running. Below, we outline these forms of communication and how they are used.

HERO - Student reporting and emailing

Hero is the app you need to use to see your child's progress and achievement as well as their learning posts, mid and end of year comments from their teachers.  You can also view your school account to see what has been charged and how much money is due.

Bulk emails for your child's class/team and the whole school are sent via HERO.  If you have your notifications set correctly, you should receive an email alert which will have the start of the email. It will then prompt you to 'click to read more' and take you into HERO to read the rest and view attachments.  At times, the HERO app can log you out, so remember to save your details and regularly check you are logged in so you don't miss out on any important information.


Teacher Emails

If we are sending an email just to you about your child, we will send you an email using your email address. This is also the way you can communicate with us easily.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to send bulk emails to classes and the school, (while keeping all email addresses updated and current) which is why we use HERO for bulk emailing.


We use our Clearview Facebook page and our Clearview Sports Facebook page mainly to celebrate successes and to share photos of events such as the school picnic, cross country, choir performances.  We will sometimes put reminders up on Facebook too, but it is never our only way of communicating with you.  If your child loves to participate in sporting events, we strongly suggest you like our Clearview Sports Facebook page so you can see any upcoming events that we advertise or see some photos of events that your child may have participated in.


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